Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I smile. I do. It just seems that Mommy can't ever get a clear picture of me smiling. So, she gave in. These blurry pictures will have to do. . .that is until she can get a nice clear shot. Clear. Another piece of these pictures that we're waiting to clear up is my skin. Yes, it seems I have cradle cap/baby acne/eczema. . .or so the doctor says. Well, he just lumped all those skin conditions into one at my last visit a couple of weeks ago. Sheesh. Hopefully I'm not a victim of ALL of those conditions. We think it's eczema. My cheeks are dry and oh so scratchy. I rub my face of Mommy's shirt all the time. Thankfully, that Aveeno stuff has provided some relief. Good thing I'm young and have plenty of time to bounce back from this. At least I'm not sixteen and trying to date. That could be rough...or so I hear. And thankfully my family accepts me just as I am...scratchy, dry, red, irritated skin and all.
Oh, and by the way, I am laughing at my oh so funny and cleverly humorous mom...


LB said...

awww...when she's smiling, I can totally see you in her!!