Monday, December 06, 2010

Mommy's Moment: Christmas Card Time

It's that time. Christmas Card Time. Each year we take a family photo to put onto a Christmas card. I love having a picture of the family. I don't love having my picture taken. I am not a photogenic person. BUT, the fun part is matching our picture to the RIGHT card. I've used Shutterfly to create the perfect card. They have so many cute cards to choose from. I don't feel boxed in when trying to choose the card that says, "yes, this is the Harmans." They have such a variety. Any person can find one to match their personality and style. My favorite cards to look at are the flat stationary cards like the one pictured above. I like that you get to see more of the picture. And thankfully, we have a more "professional" picture this year thanks to John's talented brother, Tim, who is a professional photographer. So I want to show off the picture. Therefore, I will most likely use the card above this year to display our growing family.
Also, I use Shutterfly for other photo projects. Recently I used this photo card for Kate's birth announcement. It turned out really cute. I've also used them for birthday thank yous, like the ones found here. And while I was bebopping around on their site, I found this cute birthday idea. What kid doesn't like to read about themselves in a book? So, all this to say, Shutterfly has lots of fun options when it comes to not only creating the perfect Christmas card but also to finding creative gifts and ways to say, "thank you."
Speaking of thank yous, Shutterfly is giving 50 free Christmas cards away to anyone who will blog about their awesome site. So, thank you Shutterfly for offering this opportunity to share about your company while also giving such a great gift!
To anyone reading this, I hope you can find something perfect for your celebrations on Shutterfly! It's pretty easy to do so!