Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thanks Aunt Dani and Uncle Daniel and Cuz's!

This shout out goes to my family in Kentucky. They have great taste. I'm loving my super cool polka dotted outfit. Even Mommy is envious. I'm not sure Mommy if they make the polar bear fleece outfit in your size. And unfortunately Hannah's theory of "when you get smaller you can wear her clothes" doesn't work. But, I'm sure enjoying this outfit on these cold days as of late. I especially enjoy the hood. Mommy has been trying to put hats on me that suck to my head. Not a fan. In fact, I needed to make this preference LOUD AND CLEAR so the last time Mommy got the notion to stick a hat on my head I SCREAMED. And, if you know me a bit, I'm not much of a screamer. Mommy got the message. However, this hood, well, it works just fine without sucking all circulation out of my head (at least that's what I pictured was going on everytime she attempted to put such a contraption on my head and if I plan to go to Harvard for my bachelors and masters degrees and possibly my doctorate and whatever other fancy degree you can get I can't have this working against me at such a young age). Check out my wink...that's to you Aunt Dani, Uncle Daniel, Wyatt, Anabelle, and John Mark (who, by the way has the same birthday as me!). Thank you, not only for the cute outfit but for giving Mommy a better option when it comes to protecting my head. I won't forget this kind gesture. Love, Kate.


travelingstacey said...

What a cutie pie! : )