Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bike Anxiety

Uneasiness...Am I ready to take on this challenge again?
More uneasiness

Jubulation! Brakes!

Ready to take on the road!
Kate forgot to mention the biggest news from Birmingham. My new bike. Grandma and Papa got me this baby for Christmas. Though I've been jubilant about the bike, I've also struggled with fear, fear that has kept me from true bike fulfillment. My fear: speed. The root: a past mishap that I blame solely on Mommy's poor judgement. Was I ready to go at bullet-like speed down our sloped sidewalk? NO. Should Mommy have informed me on how to brake? YES. Would it have spared me from my wreck that shortly occured after reaching bullet like speed? YES. Would I be more trusting with this bike? YES. But that's the past. I must move on. And move on I finally did. With brake knowledge that Mommy readily informed me of, I finally felt free from my fear. I was now in control of my bike's speed. I could now stop before feeling myself moving at lightening force speed. And all it took was a little bit better judgement from Mommy.


Mary said...

I can't believe I am 15 posts behind on your blog!! What a bad friend! This post made me laugh, it reminds me of Irene running into the curb at full speed and me being frozen, unable to stop the horror that was about to unfold, and then her being so upset at the fact that we would laugh at the video of it later. It's making me laugh right now...bad friend and bad MOM !