Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Homeschool Diaries: Fish, Gumballs, and Hippos

A little late posting our homeschool update...three letters late. But we're trucking along.

The Good: Lots of good to share that I am so excited about. We are creating word families. So far -ed words and -ad words. Hannah is a master rhymer. She may just be the next Busta Rhymes. Yep. She's that good. So when it comes to word families, well, we have some fun. The highlight has been watching her point out words when I ask her to find them. She was so excited to find "dad" when I asked her to locate it on the list that she practically bombarded John on his return from working to exclaim "I can read 'dad'!"

Also, we've improved in our cutting skills, thanks to a tip from Grandmama. Thumbs up. What has been a major frustration for me and Hannah has made a turn for the better. So much better that all Hannah wants to do is cut. She still needs lots of direction but we've come a long way baby. And Grant, well that little guy will probably catch on to cutting much faster than Hannah did.

On a patriotic note, Hannah and Grant can recite most of the Pledge of Allegiance.

All in all, I'm seeing some progress and it's exciting.

The bad: Well, I'm still trying to manage occassional meltdowns (from me and Hannah). I'm also trying to teach Hannah and Grant that we do not sit on the tables nor stand in their chairs. As a public school teacher, I would not obviously allow that. But then again, we're not in a public school setting. Also, we're still only on the letter H. My goal is to complete the alphabet by the end of the summer. That's helping me stay on task. Most often I am teaching in my pajamas because, well, I just can't muster up enough umph to get out of the bed early enough to shower beforehand. Therefore, showers are happening much later in the day. Time management is always an area of "needs improvement" for me.

The funny: Did I mention Hannah and Grant were standing in their chairs and sitting on the table? Hannah still manages to wear her swimming attire to "school." Grant manages to wet the floor every so often at "school." Funny? Well, better funny than disturbing. Perhaps we're not making a great case for the "socially awkward" card that gets played when it comes to homeschooling.


Mary said...

This is so cute!!! Socially awkward? That's us, not you guys! Although most of the socially awkward was evident way before homeschooling began, over here! haha!

Mary said...

oh, and, we do school in jammies, swimsuits, ballet tutu's, and other crazy get-ups you'd have to see to believe!

Jessica said...

I know, I was just poking fun at the socially awkward argument that gets thrown around when speaking of homeschooled kids...and your kids are not socially awkward at all! Glad to hear we aren't alone in our eccentric attire!

Mary said...

I'm just teasin' ya! ; )
Thanks for the compliment on the kids, but they inherited the gene from their mama, haha!