Friday, April 08, 2011

Mommy's Moment: Potty Training

I use that term loosely. Potty training. Do you still consider it training when you are aware your son is still in his Pull-Ups from the previous night and it's 11:00 am the following morning and you've yet to act upon it? That happens a lot here. I sit on the couch with Kate. Grant informs me he's pee peeing. Instead of that "get up a go" tenacity I had several weeks earlier, I stay seated. At least he's in a Pull Up, I think to myself. So, when people ask me, "how's potty training going?" I usually respond with the fact, it's going...right onto the floor or in his underoo's. It's sad when your child knows the "wipe the poop off of the bottom" stance immediately and assumes position quickly after removing the soiled underware. There he stands, bottom in my face, hands on the floor, face peeking through his legs observing my every swipe, soon to inform me that he thinks I got it all.

The picture above was his reward after his first successful time on the potty doing his big job. I thought we had a breakthrough. This picture was taken several weeks ago. We've had one successful attempt since then.

It's a motherhood moment where I, yet again, swallow my pride. Hannah. Potty trained within a week minus the night time and nap time. Gulp. Grant, two months out, and, well, he's not trained. I'll be the first to admit, I'm the culprit. I am. I've grown weary in the process. But, like any motherhood moment, it will pass. I know my son won't always poop/pee in his pants. Surely. Not my son.

To put it simply, motherhood is humbling. I want to have it all together. I don't. And that's good. Because, according to the Gospel, I've never had it all together. If I had it all together, I wouldn't need Christ. And each of these humbling motherhood moments, and there are many...don't get me started on my nightime feedings with Kate...remind me of my need for Christ, my need for the Gospel. A reminder that Christ's "grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness."

1 Cor. 12:9


Courtney said...

(can I just say that I hate potty-training? ok, got that out!) The reminder of humility and the gospel is SO true & refreshing, thank you! and I'm sorry to hear Kate is still up, I've been wondering how that was going. love you friend :)

Mary said...

oh, friend. How can I identify with you? Let me count the ways. Well, that would take too long. I love your perspective, God works in the strangest (to us) of ways to sculpt us into His image. It is completely humbling (parenthood) and just when I think I can't feel more humbled I realize that, yes, I really could!!! haha! Hang in there, he will get it and he will not wear Pull-Ups to college. Or even high school. :)