Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog Star

It seems I'm getting a lot of air time lately. On the blog. Not on the basketball court. Immobility equals lots of camera time. And, more pictures means I've gotta come up with more to talk about. Well, big news today. I'm 6 months old. Yes, I've reached that special milestone. I'm halfway to one. Tomorrow I go for my check up. That is, if these allergies (so we think) clear up a bit. Darn, no shots for me tomorrow if they don't. Anyone know how to sneeze on command?

As of late, I've been rolling over. But, of course, you've already seen that. But what you haven't seen is my ability to semi-sit on my own. You know, where you lean forward, Mommy's hands out just enough distance to grab ya if you start teetering. I've found in the process that I'm good at bending in half. In fact, I can stay that way for awhile. Mommy was impressed. Of course, we have pictures to document that special feat. And of course, I'll be back with further commentary.

Sleeping through the night. Ha. I still like to wake Mommy up once every night. It seems she's growing weary though. The fact I had to cry it out last night let me know, my game may be ending. Apparently, I am way behind par in regards to Hannah's and Grant's amazing abilities to sleep through the night. I'm oh, four months behind. I just find that I need a little more one on one time with Mommy. And, being the youngest it seems my only chance is between 2 am and 3 am. Go figure.

I'm eating lots. I love squash. I love carrots. I love pears. I love applesauce. And, I love to make a mess with it all.

And, seeing as though the pictures have uploaded, I'll end my rambling here. Because, really, who is that interested?

And yes, Mommy fiddled around with the pictures some. That's why they look, uh, different.


Learning as we Live said...

She is beautiful!

Mary said...

Those eyes!!!! Love the first and last pics especially but they are all awesome!

Jess said...

Big blue eyes!!! She is precious and growing up so fast!!!