Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I love my Kate. I think she loves me. How do I know? Well, everytime she sees me (well just about) she lets out a BIG squeal and a gummy smile. I think I'm a good big sister. I watch her a lot for Mommy. You know, while she goes to the store. JUST KIDDING. I'm her playmate while Mommy makes supper, lunch, or breakfast. I keep her entertained while she's waiting on Mommy to pick her up out of the crib. I make loud, squealing noises that I've found only she appreciates. Mommy does not. She enjoys my dancing. But, who doesn't? I help her roll over whether she wants to or not. And I talk, a lot, to her. It seems she's about the only one who appreciates my verbose speech. She never tires of it. So I confide in her. She can keep a good secret. But maybe that's because she's a locked vault. She can't talk. I'm not quite sure how that will work when she actually learns how to talk. I'll let you know.


Grandmama said...

Two beautiful gifts from the Lord!

Mary said...

Love this post...isn't it neat how having a baby in the family turns the older ones so much more mature. Bittersweet, but pretty amazing! Great pictures!

Jess said...

Precious girls! That's funny because Micah totally helps Lincoln roll over too! He did it for the first time on his own this weekend. Watching two interact is so very sweet!