Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Birds of a Feather

What's wrong with this picture? Perhaps at first glance you may think it's the fact that Grant and I are not looking at the camera.

Go deeper.

Perhaps it's the fact we're taking a picture with a dead turkey. Maybe.

Or, it's the fact I'm looking straight at its backside, and a feathery backside at that, if that is indeed what I'm looking at. I'm still trying to figure it out, hence not looking at the camera.

No, maybe it's the fact Grant, ISN'T smiling. He's the boy of the bunch, isn't he supposed to love all things hunting, including dead turkey pictures with dad?

Nope, I think the biggest thing wrong with this picture, according to Mommy (and we all know Mommy knows best), is the fact that Hannah is BEAMING, behind a dead turkey.

Yes, Mommy's high hopes of Hannah becoming a star gymnast or budding ballerina, or heck, even a superstar soccer player is beginning to fade...right into this picture.

To further drive home mine and Mommy's point, shortly after the dead turkey photo shoot, Hannah was delighted to watch Daddy pluck and remove the breast meat from the bird. She even further solidified her future hunting aspirations by saying, "mmm Daddy, that looks so good," as he pulled out the breast meat.

What's wrong with this picture? Hannah. And perhaps Grant. We'll give him a few more years to display his maniless before we go so far as to say that. As for me, well, yet again, that's what's awesome about being a third born, the expectations have greatly decreased and well, I'll get away with practically whatever I want.


Learning as we Live said...

funny! those are some ugly animals :)