Saturday, April 09, 2011

Mommy's Moment: 10 Year Rewind

Today I am 30. Maybe I'll feel better suited now driving my van with three kids in tow. Maybe not. I don't "feel" thirty. But what does thirty feel like? I remember seeing commercials of a show called "Thirty Something" when I was little and thinking, wow, they're old. Now that I've entered this new age group, I'm not so sure about that. I don't feel much different from when I was in college. Okay, maybe a bit. The fact that it's 8:00 pm and the bed is calling me isn't quite how I felt in college. But as I move into the thirties, I reflect on my twenties because, man, a lot happened in a span of those ten years.

I traveled to Thailand for two months. My first true "out of the country" experience. I haven't ridden a plane since.

I graduated college.

I got my first professional job teaching 2nd graders at Anna K. Davie (which no longer exists and that makes my heart sad).

I got married.

We moved to a new city.

We bought a house.

We got a dog. He's no longer with us.

I gave birth to three children.

I had one miscarriage.

Our family lost three of my grandparents.

We got a van. Yes, this definitely is a major turning point. I could write a post solely on this. Okay, I have but there's more. You know, when you get a van, you don't feel so cool anymore cruising with the windows down, listening to music by yourself. I had to remind myself that I must look like a really hot (meaning sweaty not good looking) soccer mom trying to get a breath of fresh air versus a hip chick taking a cruise.

Did I mention, I had three kids? I think that calls for double listing.

John lost his job.

John started his own business.

And in the midst of all these events, life happened. Sadness, happiness, disappointment, gratefulness, excitement, contentedness, lots of great friendships. My twenties were good. I have been blessed by the Lord in so many ways as I look back on those ten years. Even in the times that were hard, the Lord taught me and refined me. And, I must say, I doubt any other decade will be as full of life changing events as these.

I see the thirties as a "settling" in to these major events. Growing in marriage. Growing in motherhood. Growing into our home. Making it more and more a place of refuge for our family and friends. Growing in this new business endeavor. Growing in all the things the Lord has taught me/us in the past ten years and looking ahead to what He will be teaching me/us in the years to come.

So with that said, farewell twenties. Thank you for the ride.

Hello thirties, I'm ready to go.


LB said...

happy birthday; I hope you enjoyed it. I loved this post, especially as I face turning 30 a year and a half from now. It's so true that the twenties are quite the growing years!!!

Courtney said...

beautifully written. May this decade be another 10 years of glorifying our Lord. what a testimony of grace in your life for the past 10. love you :)