Monday, April 18, 2011

One Thousand Gifts: 31-40

Thankful. It's Monday. A reminder of thanksgiving. I sit. Contemplate. Why should it take this long to create a short list of thanksgiving? Why is my heart not naturally inclined to "give thanks in all circumstances?" But I will write. I will stop. I will remind myself of the Lord's goodness in my every day.

#31: my children's laughter, the sweetest sound I know and a reminder of the Lord's goodness to me through these three precious lives I get to encounter every day.

#32: a pantry that is full of food and a freezer that overflows, a reminder of the

Lord's provision for our family.

#33: a messy house, a reminder that life is lived here, fun is had, imagination is


#34: dirty feet, a reminder of warm, sunny days spent outside enjoying the Lord's


#35: dirt roads, a reminder of peace in the midst of a fast paced world

#36: sore muscles and feet, a reminder of my able body to move and run, a luxury

some do not have.

#37: tired eyes, a reminder of a baby whose needs I am able to meet through

snuggling and feeding in the middle of the night.

#38: worship music, a reminder of the character of God when I don't have time to sit

and read His word.

#39: a great camera, a reminder of ways I can capture sweet memories with my


#40: a great camera, a reminder of my husband's love for me as he saved for months

in order to surprise me with it.


Mary said...

I love this post, so many sweet things in there! Where did you take the picture at the top? I love it! Makes me want to find a dirt road! (Do you know where there are any? haha!)