Monday, April 25, 2011

Conversations with...Grant

Grant. My little buddy. He is a passionate, firey little guy. The cuddle bug of my bunch. His words can melt my heart.

Just today...

I'm taking him in from playing outside in the sprinkler.

Carrying him up the stairs: "Mommy I like when you hold me. I like to put my arm on your arm."

The past several days...

Me: Why do we celebrate Easter?

Grant, emphatically: "He came back!"

The past, oh, hundred days...

Grant: Mommy, I pee pee-ed/poo pooed in my pants.

Me: Grant, why do you keep doing that?

Grant:I don't know.

Me: Do you care?

Grant: no.

And so many days,

"Mommy? Love you."


LB said...

oh my goodnes, "I like to put my arm on your arm," that is so sweet. Sweet Grant.

Mary said...

all classic!