Friday, April 15, 2011

Please Don't Go

No. Wait. Don't leave. You're at the right address. We know. You thought you were perusing a J. Crew site. Yeah. We get that alot. With our killer magazine poses, it's a mistake anyone could make. But it's just us, Hannah and Grant. And, if you gaze long enough, you'll discover that real fast. Did you see what Hannah is wearing? Sheer lack of style. My thoughts exactly. Can you believe Mommy let her out of the house? For Mommy's sake I'll confess the look was totally inspired by and executed by Hannah. It's a miracle I let her get close to me, let alone take a picture with me! But, as usual, I was lookin' good. What says carefree and cool like some atheltic pants paired with an awesome bug shirt? Bug shirts are my favorite...along with dogs, frogs, anything Cars or Toy Story...well, the list could go on. But the point is, I've got style. Style my sister does not have. And, if it weren't for her, well, I'm thinking more people would be falling for the J. Crew bit.


Learning as we Live said...

Hannah looks JUST like you in the 3rd picture!