Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Helpin' a Boy Out

I'm doing well these days wearing my big sister hat. In fact, I have pulled out the "Little Mommy" hat as well. Sometimes Mommy has to remind me that she is the mommy and that she will take care of Gwant. But, I'm just tryin' to help. When I see Gwant acting unruly, I shake my finger at him and say, "no, no, Gwant." And in return, he does the same to me. To which I then say to Mommy, "Mommy, Gwants telling me no!"

But, on the positive side, I also like to help Gwant. Lately, he's been trying to walk and stand. So, like Mommy, I try to help him walk. I pull his arms up while he's sitting on the floor. However, he has a hard time getting to his feet when I do this. When he does get up, I hold his hands, like Mommy, and walk with him. But, it seems it doesn't work as smoothly as when Mommy does it. He wobbles here. He wobbles there. Soon I'm dragging him. "Come, on Gwant!" Mommy says it reminds her of when Aunt Melissa dragged her all around while dancing. She insisted that Mommy dance with her even though Mommy wasn't too fond of the idea. Hey, it helps being the older sibling. You can get whatcha want more easily.