Sunday, July 05, 2009

$5 from Swagbucks!

That's right, you heard us right, we have $5 more dollars to put towards Hannah's new bike! And, after our previous post, we found this baby was a lot cheaper but the shipping was a lot more so it balances out to the same chip away we will continue to do. We now have $25 off so what was once a $67 trike, is now a $42 trike. Again, we hope to get it for free or almost free!!
Want to join us? New to Swagbucks? If you push the button below, you can sign up under us and we'll get your first 100 points...don't worry, so will you! When you get points, you trade them in for great prizes, like Mommy's favorite, a $5 Amazon gift card, which is 45 Swagbucks. So every 45 she earns, she cashes in for $5 at Amazon...she's already earned over $100 since she started Swagbucks! And all you do to earn these babies is to search the internet! Something you probably already do through Google or another search engine. So why not search from Swagbucks and earn something for it? Push the button below to sign up today!!

Search & Win