Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life is Good

That's right, life is good. And suckers are too. You see, it helps having an older sister (or brother if you must). Hannah probably didn't start eating these bad boys until she was much older than I. But, Mommy feels bad for Hannah to have a treat and not me. So, BINGO, a sucker I get each visit to the bank. Based on this picture you probably can guess why Hannah didn't eat them until she was older. Each time we get home I'm a sticky mess. But, a happy, sticky mess. My hands are sticky. My clothes are sticky. My arms are sticky. My feet are sticky. My face is sticky. My hair is sticky. And my car seat is sticky. And then usually Mommy is pretty sticky after getting me out of my seat and into the kitchen for a bit of a sponge bath. But to me, it's well worth it. It's the benefit of being the second child...Mommy gets a little softer and not so uptight. Won't be long til I can get her to give me a sippy cup of that Coke she loves so much.