Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who Let the Cows Out?

Yep, that's me. I'm a cow. For some reason Mommy wanted us to dress up like cows to go to "chicken lay." It's my favorite place to go. AND I'm all about dressing up. So I said, SURE! Mommy did say if we all dress up like cows (yes, Daddy did too) then we get to eat at Chick-fil-a for FREE. I know how Mommy loves freebies. And you can't top a free meal at Chicken Lay. What a time we had! Mommy read that you had to be a cow from head to toe to get a WHOLE meal deal for free. She made sure we were cows from head to toe. And we did it. We all got a free meal...even Gwant.

Another Chicken Lay freebie I got for reading (well Mommy reading to me) 25 books for the summer reading program at the library was a free Chicken Lay kids meal. So the other day after Mommy and I went to a FREE movie at the theatre (which was an experience in and of itself...I was so little I couldn't hold the movie seats down. It folded me right up!) Mommy said we could go to Chicken Lay because I had a free kids meal. To which I replied:

"Mommy do I have to dress up like a cow again?"

Sadly, Mommy said we didn't have to. But I heard the words FREE and CHICKEN LAY so I figured the other missing words were DRESS UP LIKE A COW. But I guess it doesn't work like that all the time. I still talk about dressing up like a cow. I say, "Mommy, remember when I dressed up like a cow for chicken lay?" She still remembers.


Grandmama said...

You all look so cute, I know this will be a memory that will last a life time. I wish you had a picture of John dressed up like a cow. Grandmama

Erin said...

soo cute! Even cuter is Hannah's cute conversation and the visual image of her getting swallowed by the theater seat.