Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can I Please Have Some Hair Gel?

Ahh, that's right, rub it in there. That'll really look special. So suave, so cool.

Can I please have some hair gel? That's what I ask frequently. I think it can really create the look I'm going for. But, if you know my dad, you'll know the answer to using hair gel is an adamant NO (hence the upset face in one picture). So, I created this look on my own with a mixture of lots of sticky stuff from my tray. I feel that I added a tad much to this look and may ease up the next time. But, I think this just may be the look for me. I think it says, "SHAZAM!"


Chocolate Maniac said...

Ok, so I love you kids! With or without the hair gel :)

Groovers said...

heehee :)