Monday, July 13, 2009

Our New Pal

If you follow our blog regularly, you may have remembered a couple of weeks ago we posted a picture of me and that BIG DADDY raccoon. I mentioned a baby raccoon. Well, this is that little guy. I love animals. I ain't skeerd to get close to one either. Can you tell? Gwant was a little nervous. But he enjoyed him. The raccoon was a gentle soul. We would have grown to be gwate fwiends had Mommy and Daddy let me keep him. But Daddy promised him to another. I hope he's safe and happy. I know I would have made a gwate mudder for him.


Sarah and Phil said...

I love these pictures!!! Seeing Grant and Hannah sitting side by side is so cute. These make me laugh too b/c everytime I think of John bringing home animals I think of that story about him bringing the coyote to your school!!!!!