Friday, July 17, 2009

"The Baby Poo"

By poo I mean pool...give a girl a break...I'm still learning this whole language thing. Our wonderful neighbors next door let us borrow their baby pool. WE LOVED IT. It's just the right size for Gwant and me. Gwant was hesitant at first. However, he warmed up to the idea fast. His favorite part: getting in and out of the pool. Don't ask me why.

Gwant also wanted to be sure we posted his inventive crawling method while outside on concrete. I'll name it, "the monkey walk." He finds that if he crawls like a monkey, then his knees will not get scraped. Props to my little brudder. I applaud your resourcefulness.

His resourcefulness inspired me. I noticed Mommy did not have a hat on Gwant so I kindly shared my hat with him. And, in place of my pink hat I found this lovely green bucket to adorn my head. However, Gwant was not about to be caught dead in a pink hat. As for me, I took a liking to the green bucket hat look and decided I would be willing to be caught dead in it. So, wear it I did.


Grandmama said...

Oh , the good old summer time. What fun, maybe next time you two come for a visit we will get our pool out. Love, Grandmama