Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Over the past couple of months, I've really been growing. Some of my favorite things to do are push my walker all over the house, climb up the stairs, and love on my blankey boy.

Let's start with the walker. It helped (notice the past tense here) me get around. However, now I'm taking many steps and am learning to get around all by myself. But, I still enjoy the occassional stroll with my walker. I owe it to him for all my walking moves so it's a must to still give him some love every now and then.

The stairs. The stairs are such a pleasure. When Mommy says it's time for a bath I say, "baa, baa" and go straight up the stairs. I've even been seen practicing going down the bottom two steps by holding on to the rail and stepping down, just like Hannah. However, Mommy and Daddy clearly give me the "no, no," when I crawl near the stairs to go down. I guess they're just not comfortable with that yet.
And then, there's my precious blankey boy, tagged "the magic blanket" by the nursery workers at church. I like to think it is magic myself. There's just something soothing about this baby that calms even my toughest tantrums. He now goes with me many places: church, the library, long car rides, really just about anywhere where a possible meltdown could be distracting and, more importantly, embarassing to Mommy. It works. One day Mommy tried to pull a fast one on me and put another blankey in my crib. I looked at it and just as I was about to snuggle with him, I realized he was an imposter! I stood up looked all over the floor in my room for it and then started to whine. And, just like that, in a couple of seconds, Mommy came back in my room with the real deal. Apparently she was being lazy and didn't want to go downstairs to get it. But as soon as that baby hit my crib I snuggled up and prepared myself for a cozy nap. Phew.
So those are a few of my favorite things...what are your's?
P.S. Sorry for some of the blurry images...