Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Inspirations

Ellie and I got sick of being outside (okay, Mommy made me say that...the real "truf" is that Mommy and Gwant got tired of playing outside) so we came in for some painting fun. The painting fun, however, only lasted a few minutes. I think Mommy spent more time getting it ready than we did actually painting. But what can I say, when an artist is inspired, creating the piece may only take seconds. We were inspired. After our inspirations were poured out onto the paper, Ellie named her piece, "The Astronaut." I guess astronauts inspire her. However, mine remains nameless. My inspiration comes from everywhere so I can I pin down just one name? Bidding for these one of a kind pieces will begin at $1 starting now. You can place your name and bid in the comments section of this post. Gwant, as you can see, has already shown quite the interest in mine and has already put down $1 (however you and I both know this guy doesn't have a dime to his, unbeknownst to him, bidding will remain at $1).