Thursday, July 09, 2009

More Fun with Ellie

Ellie and I got to spend the whole week together. So, needless to say, Mommy took lots of pictures! Here we are enjoying yet another day in the hose. Ellie wanted to see how long I could handle water being poured over my head (kind of like water boarding). I graciously complied. Then, she's allowing me to take a quick drink after the drama. You can tell who's in charge here. But that's how we like it. Ellie takes the lead and follow suit. However, I did take the lead in rolling down the hill. Mommy has been trying to get me to roll down it for some time now. We do have a good hill for rolling. In fact, the whole neighborhood knows it. Our neighbors sledded down it that day we got so much snow. But on this day, I got to roll down it. At the time, it was the best idea in the world. However, two hours later...not so much. My poor body was covered in grass scratches. It looked like I had been burned! It wasn't Mommy's smartest Mommy move. But we did have fun. Next time, I'll be wearing my sweatpants and winter parka though.