Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Item Up for Bid

After reading Hannah's previous post (the fact I don't have a dime to my name), I figured it was high time I did have a dime to my name. The best way to accomplish that: create my own masterpiece. And add it to the bid war. Their paintings don't stand a chance next to mine. I call my piece: Yellow. I like the color. It reminds me of the sun. And squash. And, the yellow fruit snacks I've recently taken a liking to. But, let's be honest, I chose it, well, because I had to. It was the color Mommy squirted onto the paper (it will be so nice when I can actually talk and have a say in things such as these). So, I went with it. Anyways, I think simplicity says it best. Too many colors like some artists use (I won't name any names here but we all know who they may be) create confusion and chaos. With one color and a few strokes, a masterpiece is born. So, with that, I'll start the bidding at $2. Yes, I said, $2. It's worth both dollars. Trust me.