Sunday, November 30, 2008

Feelin' the Breeze

Oh my ball machine...what a joy it is. I no longer enjoy it for it's intended use...watching the balls jump out sporadically. Nope. Instead, I find myself drawn to the air that forces the balls out of the machine. I love to feel it whip through my hair. It's invigorating. I feel as though I'm out on the beach (I talk about the beach A LOT although I've never been). At least, that's what I envision the beach feeling like. I yell to Mommy, "Watch Mommy!" and laugh and laugh as the air collides into my face. If ever you're over, I'll let you try. I'm convinced you'll go out and buy one of your own. You'll never be the same.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Swag Bucks...Again

Hey, just a reminder for any of you looking to earn something for free...try swag bucks for your official search engine. Honestly, I just want to win a gift card..haha..but figured so might anyone else out there. A free drink at Starbucks would be nice right? So check out the site. I think if you get 45 swag bucks you can get a free gift card for $10 at Starbucks...there are a lot more prizes but hey, I'm just aiming to get to the 45 bucks right now. I just put it on our tool bar to remind me to use it when I'm searching for something.

The more people who sign up under you the more bucks you pass it on to friends...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh the Craziness!

Let's talk about craziness. I'm all about it these days. . .whether I'm eating a pear or just swinging my head around while jumping in the air. Who else is into craziness? Mommy. and. CVS. First of all, Mommy is into craziness because today she woke Grant up out of a sound nap. CRAZY. Then, she threw us in the car saying we're going to CVS. On Friday? Well, since I'm into craziness I was excited to go to "CBS." In fact, I thought we passed it several times only to be corrected by Mommy. Those are warehouses (yes we live around a lot of warehouses) . Well, we made our way into CVS. I squealed...A LOT. I had to be quiet. Gant was perfect. And Mommy. . .she was crazy. She kept going down aisles looking at coupons, looking at a flyer and then beaming from ear to ear. You see, here's what she put in our cart: a bottle of shampoo, two tubes of toothpaste, a box of tampons, and 2 20 oz. Gatorades (Daddy said the other day how he'd love a Gatorade). Nothing too crazy right? Well, here's the CRAZY part. Mommy only paid $1.66 and walked out with $6 more for our next trip! CRAZY! So, crazy works. It works for Mommy. It works for me. We're still trying to figure out how it works for "CBS."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm 6 Months Old!

Last Thursday I turned 6 months old! Here I am posing like a little stud. Mommy thinks my head looks a little big. I don't know, what do you think? We never get the percentages on my head circumference. But, nonetheless, I know Mommy still thinks I'm her handsome guy cuz she tells me all the time. We stuck a picture of Hannah on here when she was 6 months. Mommy was going to make me hold a sign like she did but I said no way. I'm not into that. Just let me show off my killer smile. That's all I need. Oh and I go see the doc next week. We'll give you the updates then.

Sittin' Tall

Over the past week I have learned to sit up all by myself! What a new world it is! Mommy doesn't even have to help me anymore! Now, I do wobble here and there and experience a few tumbles, but I'm a tough guy and just roll with the punches (not really punches, Mommy and Daddy don't punch's just a figure of speech). Hannah does laugh at me when I fall over. But, if I'm being honest, I believe she thinks I'm just playing around. I don't think she means to be cruel. She's not that kind of sister.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sibling Love

Mommy decided to take some more shots of us together. However, it seems it's quite the impossible task to get us both to smile and look at the camera at the same time.

I'm a Big Kid Now!

Look what I can do now! I can sit at the table in a booster seat! No more meals in my blue bouncey. Now I can enjoy those nasty peas and squash at the table. I'm such a big boy!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Ba-ack!

Here I am doing so serious out!

So Grandma came and visited last week and with her returned this jumping seat. No, Grandma wasn't using it for those of you who misread that. It's our cousins but they let us borrow it. Hannah used to ride in it. It's a blast. It's a blast from the past for Hannah too who talked Daddy into letting her ride in it. That was short lived though. So now it's all mine to enjoy. And boy, do I enjoy it. I've gotten quite tired of being on my blanket or swing. Thanks Sandersons for letting me enjoy it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Thankfulness Tree

Last week, Mommy and I did an art project. We made a Thankfulness Tree. I got to paint the tree. I think Mommy thought I was more patient than I actually was because she thought that using my finger prints to make the leaves would be a wonderful idea. Well, it was fun for a few seconds and then I wanted my brush back. Mommy realized I had no patience left so chose to no longer pursue the finger prints. She let me have at it with the brush and then I got to spread the paint around with my fingers too. I loved it. I even painted my nose. Mommy says every good artist gets messy. I like that because I get messy. The final product turned out nicely. Now each night at dinner, if Mommy can remember, we talk about one thing we're thankful for and write it on a leaf. Then, we hang the leaf on our tree. Last night I said I was thankful for "pus-ghetti." Yes, I love it. Thank you God for pus-ghetti.

A Considerate Sister...a Little TOO Considerate

Well, a week and a half ago (yes, we're behind on the pics) I had quite the time. I had a diaper rash that would not go away, a fever, and a bad eczema outbreak. After a worthless trip to the after hours (who by the way wondered why I had a diaper rash since I wasn't in daycare...really? We spent an hour just to hear a birdbrained question like that?) Mommy took me to our pediatrician the following day, Monday. Hannah, always aware of everyone's feelings, recognized my dampened spirits. So as we were getting ready to head to the doctor's office she felt an overwhelming need to share her stuffed animals. I really appreciated her kindness; however, I began to realize I may be having some breathing problems due to the overabundance of animals on top of all my other calamities. Thankfully, Mommy recognized this as well and chose to kindly remove them, however, not forgetting to thank Hannah for her consideration.
For an update...I am over the ear infection but still have major stuffiness. My eczema, well any of you with eczema know it's here to stay, is still here. And my diaper rash has now transformed to a mild pink...a much improvement from the bright red a week ago.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Savings, Savings, Savings!

So, here I am eating a of the items we bought this week on our grocery extravaganza. Now that Mommy is really trying to save money with the grocery list, we've decided to put up a post each week with our savings...hopefully to encourage others in their endeavors to save save save. Our plan is the same each week: coupon cutting, deal finding on Saturday. Publix shopping Sunday. CVS and Walmart shopping Monday. We go to those three stores because they're close and manageable. This week was a little tricky because our car broke down on the way home from church. YIKES. So our Publix and Wal-mart trips turned into a field trip with the Roberts clan. I sure had fun! And now that our car has been in the shop...we are even MORE in need to save save save. Here's how it went this week:
(btw...Publix doubles coupons up to .50 and on Sundays and Mondays they always have a penny item but you have to have the coupon)
2 packs of paper towels
2 packs of toilet paper
1 and 1/2 gallons of milk
pack of sliced cheese (the penny item)
4 cans of cooking soups
1 box of stove top
TOTAL: 28.24 TOTAL SAVED: 16.39
6 packs of batteries
2 boxes of oatmeal
2 deoderants
1 2 litre of Coke
2 dishwashing soaps
2 small jars of peanut butter
TOTAL: 20.85 TOTAL SAVED: 36.94
the rest of my groceries
TOTAL: 23.63 TOTAL SAVED with coupons: 1.50
My total for the week: $72.72 TOTAL SAVED FOR THE WEEK:$54.83
Here's a note: Eventually my list will become shorter and shorter as my pantry and toiletry closet becomes stocked up with the items such as deoderant, batteries, cleaning supplies, special cooking needs that I get on sale...especially at CVS.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Much Happier Guy

Once Mommy said good riddance to those peas...I was a much happier guy. And yes, my pants were off. Why? I cannot recall at this point. But I can probably take a good guess...poop or spit up, but most likely poop. It seems to happen quite frequently in that blue seat of mine. And usually my spit up seems to frequent my upper half moreso than my bottom half. Although, there are times when it has dribbled (or should I say flowed) to the bottom half due to major force and overabundance. Hmmm...any takers on babysitting?

No More Peas Puh-Leeez!

Okay, so the cereal thing went alright...but this green stuff...what you call peas...are the most awful tasting food on the planet. Is this what most food tastes like that you guys eat? If so, I'll be just fine with my formula...permanently!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Swag Bucks

Hi friends,

I'll be back to the pictures soon. I went to Money Saving Mom and found out about Swag Bucks. Basically you earn gift cards from searching from its search engine. If you get other people using Swag Bucks, you earn more points toward gift cards. On Money Saving Mom, the blogger mentioned a friend who earned gift cards to fund her whole Christmas shopping! Wow! So I thought, I could use that! Therefore, I'm giving it a whirl. So check out this link and see if you want to join in the fun's free! Click on the Swag Bucks in my title to learn more about it!

Hold Up...

Okay, the Britax carseat was a misprint on the Target website. So now we're just waiting to see if they'll honor the price or not. Sorry!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Britax Carseat 42.99!

Hi friends,

Target has two Britax carseats on sale for 59.99 and 42.99!! It's the Britax Marathon Convertible Carseat. Only two in that line are for sale...due to colors as far as I can tell. You can get the Cowmooflauge for 59.99 and the Granite for 42.99. Usually these go for $250! They're out of stock now but you can still get it...just have to wait a little bit. Hope some of you can use this great deal! Oh's at or go to Baby Cheapskate to the left and read about it. They have a link there. When you get to the Britax page..scroll down until you find it...there are a lot to look through.


Friday, November 14, 2008

I Love This Guy

Grandmama got me this giraffe. He's been a loyal friend ever since. I love him. He brings me great joy. I like him because he's just my size. I like him because he has a long neck. I like him because he's so soft. But most of all, I like him because he's all mine. I love this guy!

Nature Walk

Last week Grant, Mommy, and I went on a nature walk. We have a great trail in our neighborhood just a few steps away. Please note....Grant is MIA in the pictures because he rode on Mommy's tummy in the baby carrier. WE DID NOT LEAVE HIM AT HOME. That would have been irresponsible. But, he told me to tell you all he had a great time. Back to me though. Mommy said we needed to pick up leaves to do a project. So, with bag in hand, we went a searchin'. I didn't really want to use my bag though. I just enjoyed holding my leaves. But Mommy put her's in the bag. Mommy had me take some breaks during our hunt to hug a tree(s) and sit on stumps. I wasn't the most cooperative toddler though. I just couldn't get enough of those leaves on the trail. But I did cooperate enough for Mommy to get a couple of shots. So I am now officially a tree hugger. Oh and when we got back...well the next day really...we put our leaves on wax paper, sprinkled crayon shavings over them, covered the leaves with another sheet of wax paper, and ironed the paper over it to melt the shavings. Obviously Mommy did ALL of that. I'm not quite able to do such a craft. But we want to give a shout out to Mrs. Trista and Hayden who gave us this wonderful idea. Although ours did not turn out nearly as pretty as their's, we sure had a blast doing it....well...for me, watching it get done.

Little Old Man....

Mommy isn't always aware of what she's doing. Take my pants, for example. She doesn't realize that when I'm wearing pants and she's holding me that sometimes they ride up....a lot. The other day this is what I looked like when she put me down. How embarrassing, Mommy! I look 70 times my age! Please, just make sure I don't go out into public like this. It could really damage my image.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daddy's Prize Deer

Well, we've had some requests (or shall I say A request...Mr. Jeymy) to post Daddy's prize deer on the blog. Now, we were going to get to it, it's just we're about a week behind in pictures. But, seeing this as a pressing need, we decided to bump the system just this once, to post Daddy's deer. And yes, he WAS a big deer. Daddy said he was a ten pointer. He doesn't seem very pointy to me. But, a ten pointer he is. Daddy said it's the biggest deer he's ever...uh....allowed to take a nap for awhile.


Yes, I'm happy. I like to smile. I like for people to talk to me. I like for people to tickle me. And, I don't mind a few pictures to be taken of me. So, while the girls were playing last Thursday, I sat contently in my swing to enjoy the fun. Mommy stopped from her referee job to snap a few pictures of me enjoying the morning. I was happy to see her!

30% off Gap Stores

Hi Friends,

Check out Baby Cheapskate (button to the left) to get your 30% off at Gap Inc. Stores. This includes Gap, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. It starts the 13th and goes through the 16th!



Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hangin' with My Girls

Mommy decided to put us all up on the couch for a few shots. Lucy and I were pretty tuckered out. The thumbs give it away. But we humored Mommy for a few minutes as she snapped away. Luckily, there was an intriguing show on about the Civil War we tuned into (or maybe it was Sesame Street).

A Group Effort

Like I said before, last Thursday Mommy watched Lucy and Ellie. We figured out three heads were better than one when it came to putting together a birthday cake...or as I like to call it, a pizza (I just love pizza). Already, we are learning to work together. It was some kind of fun even if it did only last for a couple of minutes.