Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Balloons

Check out my piggy balloons! Thanks to Grandmama...we got TEN of these GIANT balloons to help celebrate my birthday! Each child took one home...and I think Mommy was happy for that! But aren't they so cute! We still have three floating around the house. We almost lost two before the party. Mommy had set some outside to get them out of the way. She glanced outside only to find two of them MIA. We knew they couldn't have flown away because they had weights on them. Mommy searched and searched and soon spotted those crazy guys floating in the driveway across the street. You see, there were two other balloons tied to that mailbox (a model home). My guess is, they wanted to mingle with those balloons. But we rescued them and brought them safely home. Those silly piggies!