Sunday, September 14, 2008

Boat For Sale

Now, this has nothing to do with me or Grant but we thought we'd post this anyways to help Daddy out. Daddy is selling his boat. You see, he got it a few years ago and has enjoyed a few fishing endeavors on it. However, not enough to make it worth keeping...especially if we can make a little money off of it and we'll need every penny now that we have succumb to the formula monopoly out there! He was planning on taking me and especially Grant on it to go fishing one day. But, let's face it, that won't be for another 8 years or so. At least that's when we won't have an attention span of a small child. So, if you would like this lovely boat...or know of someone who would...give us a call or leave a message after this post. We'll fill you in on the details! And just picture yourself cruising along the open waters on a nice summer day with the breeze whipping your hair. Ahh...wouldn't that be nice????