Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Cupcakes

Well, Mommy forgot to take a picture of the "spread" before the she tried to reinact it afterwards with what was leftover. Just imagine another platter of cupcakes and a giant pig balloon and you'll get the full effect. A couple of the piggies here are injured..missing an ear. Don't know what happened to those guys other than a hungry mob making an attack. And a side note Mommy wanted me to you see those little piggies scattered about on the bar? Well, those piggies have been with Mommy since she was in FOURTH grade! Mommy and her friend from fourth grade got those to do as a craft. Obviously, they didn't do anything with them. Mommy found them in the bottom of her craft box and decided to paint them for my party. Who knew those piggies bought SEVERAL years ago would wind up celebrating my second birthday?


tanya Robertson said...


Your party looks like it was sooo much fun! You're so lucky to have such a fun and creative mommy who can pull off such a cool birthday party! Eli and I were especially impressed by your piggie cupcakes! :)