Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pigging Out!

So after we played outside, we high tailed it into the kitchen for my piggy cupcakes and a round of "Happy Birthday," a favorite song of mine. Mommy had two tables set up. . .a couple of friends came late so we didn't need as many seats. All the girls sat at my new table (a post to come on that later). My friends are Hayden, Ellie, and Allie. Then my other friends, Kyle and Mac (the boys of course) sat at the big table. It was a full house! Mommy had also made pig noses for all the kids. However, it ended up that only a couple of kiddos enjoyed them...I was not included in that group. I never did enjoy those things. But Mommy got a shot of Ellie trying to put her's on. Hayden is still enjoying hers to this day. Her mommy got a great shot of her wearing her nose on her blog...just click on the Ross family to see those great pics! As you can see, my favorite part of the cupcake was the icing and marshmallows. I left the cake for later but it seemed someone took it...well...actually Mommy threw it away. My next favorite thing was the juice box. Mommy doesn't buy juice boxes so that was a special treat! Sugar was pumping through my blood!