Sunday, September 14, 2008

You're Getting Sleepy...

The other night I was a tad bit fussy. Mommy was cleaning up the kitchen and getting my bottle ready (by the way...I am strictly formula fed now...Mommy gave up the fight and finally gave in to formula only...I'm happy about that...I really enjoy the bottle). Daddy took the reigns to let Mommy get a couple of things done before she fed me. You see, my last feeding is right before bedtime and it's a stretch to keep me awake for it. But I usually manage...with very sleepy eyes. Back to the point...Daddy rocked me back and forth like this to calm me. And boy did it work. In no time I just zonked out. I'm not to sure that it was as comfortable for Daddy as it was for me though. But just look at that contentment on my face.