Thursday, September 18, 2008

Living Inside the Box

Hi, and welcome to my house. Okay, it's not really a house. It's a box, I know. But the other day Mommy and I transformed this Southern Living box into an amazing house. How did we do it? With crayons and a little innovation. You see, I decorated the inside while Mommy decorated the outside...well, the doors. She made me a welcome mat and two windows and two doors. I painted the inside all sorts of colors. And I added a few of my touches on the outside as well. It sure is fun to decorate a house. Now I know why Mommy likes it so much. After all that work, I was pooped. It was time to go night night. Mommy asked if I would like to take my nap in the box. I said, "okay." And so I lyed down in my box. . .but just for a few minutes. Then I had to go to my real bed. But we had all sorts of fun in my big box...excuse house.


LB said...

I love these pictures. I am so impressed with your photography skills!

Tanya Robertson said...

I used to decorate cardboard houses when I was little too! We made a GIANT house one time for one of my birthday parties. It had doors and shutters that would open & close, and all of my birthday party friends helped me decorate it with crayons. It was honestly one of my most memorable birthdays as a child.

Tell Hannah that I'd love to play with her and her own cardboard house some day. We'll drive over in Eli's cardboard car :)