Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun at the Park

Well, these pictures are from a couple of weeks back...we're a little behind...we know. But we couldn't leave them out. Ellie, Grant, and I went with our mommies to the park to enjoy some afternoon fun. Now that it's not so hot anymore it's back to the playground for fun in the sun! Grant enjoyed what little he could. Ellie tried to entertain him by giving him his rattles. Ellie really loves baby Grant. We think they'll get married one day. But that's alright by me because that would make Ellie my sister in law (Mommy has caught me up on all this family lingo)! Ellie also had two wuffle balls. I loved them. You can see one of them with me on the swing and then one in my hand for our best friends shot. I also liked playing with the wood chips. I placed them on this look through and pretended I was making something delicious. Boy I had fun. I'm sure we'll be posting more playground fun pictures as the cooler air makes its way in....for good.