Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's Piggy Party Time...Almost

So my 2 year birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. Mommy says she just can't believe it. I sure can...I've been waiting for my party since my last party. It sure takes a long time for it to get here. Last year I had a ladybug party. This year I'm having a piggy party. It wasn't my idea. In fact, I don't believe Mommy even consulted me on this idea. But at this age, I just don't have much of a say in things. So a piggy party it is. In preparation for my party, Mommy had me take pictures on, of course, my piggy. She made a few Evite invitations for my party and had to post a picture on it. Of course she chose the only picture of me looking at the camera for the invitation. I was hoping she would choose the one where my eyes were closed and my nose crinkled...I was trying to be a pig. But, again, I wasn't consulted in this matter. I'm sure we'll have tons of pictures to post when my Piggy Party gets underway. I just hope there's some yummy cake to PIG OUT on! :)


Tanya Robertson said...

How cute! I love the very top picture! Hannah is so precious! I can't believe it's birthday time again already! WOW! And I love the party idea! :)

Groovers said...

can't believe she's almost 2, she's grown so much! she looks like your sister Melissa to me in that top picture!