Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oh the Funny Things I Say...

I'm doing my interpretive dancing here...really feeling the beat of the music.

Here I am, sporting my new Princess PJ's that Grandmama got me. Grandmama, I just LOVE my princess PJ's. I actually call it my "Pencess Shirt." While we're on the subject of things I say, Mommy suggested I write down a few of my funny sayings. So here we go:

"I close eyes minute," translated, I am going to close my eyes for a minute. Mommy says that sometimes when she's really sleepy.

"I love chash man." Translated: I love the trash man. And I do. He's an important part of keeping everything from being a mess...and you know me, I don't like messes.

"Daddy spit up my godge." Translated: Daddy spit up in my garage. You see, one day I saw Daddy spit in the garage. It concerned me. I didn't know Daddy spits up too!

"No, Gant, that's mise arm," Translated: No, Grant, that's my arm...or whatever else I can think of. I don't want Grant taking over my toys or my body parts for that matter.

"I want quesadee." I want a quesadilla. Mmmm....

"Gimme dat." Translated: Give me that...but Mommy says I can't say that...instead I say...

"May have dat peas," translated "May I have that please?"

"Hold shu." translated, Hold you...meaning Mommy hold me.

And, my favorite, "Okie, okie, okie," translated Okie. Dokie.

Those are just a few of the crazy things I say now. I keep Mommy laughing all day long. It makes for fun days!