Sunday, August 21, 2011

Christmas Challenge

Still working towards our Christmas and planning to spend no more than $100 for the total cost of our kids' Christmas. Yesterday, thanks to the Huggies reward program, I cashed in points to "buy" this rainmaker for Kate.

I know, real exciting, right? But what do you get for a third child who has so much already due to older siblings? Thankfully, she'll only be one. And being a one year old, the "wish list" consists of anything that makes noise or anything she can throw or put in her mouth. I believe this makes the cut.

So, it cost me $0 out of actually cost me hundreds of dollars in diapers if we want to be real honest. While I enjoy the reward system for buying diapers...I really think they could be a bit more generous with how many points they delve out. This baby cost 350 points. A big box of diapers earns you 16 points. So after buying 22 boxes of diapers (retailing at $440 if I had paid full price, which thankfully I did not nor ever will) I earned enough to snag this $10 item. Thanks Huggies for such grandiose generosity.

So, here's the rundown...

Total of $100 spent: $7.89
Total remaining:  $92.11
Total gifts bought: 4 (a reusable/washable coloring table cloth, 2 pillow pets, and this state of the art rainmaker)

And the challenge continues...


Mary said...

Keep on keepin' on, friend, you're doing an awesome job!!!