Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mosquito Man...

Gardening is hard work.

There are elements to brave. Elements that are not easy to endure for the faint of heart, like my sister, Hannah, whose delicate body could not perservere in these harsh conditions.

What conditions, you ask?

Heat, Humidity, and lots and lots of HUNGRY mosquitos.

If you have a keen eye you may notice a change of attire for me.

No, I am not vain.

My street clothes (a muscle shirt and shorts) proved too vulnerable for the unrelenting pests that swarmed the air trying to thwart our plans of a successful potato dig. So, like any good super hero, a change of clothes was necessary to maintain my authority.

With the help of Mom (a must have for every super hero) I return to the potato dig a different man, not even a man, a superhero, ready to combat the pestilence that tried to undermine my efforts in the dig. I returned as...


Those mosquitos didn't have chance.

Covered literally from head to toe, I rejoined Grandaddy's laborious efforts to dig up the potatoes. I was his apprentice, much like Robin is to Batman.

He dug, I put them in the bucket. He showed me some worms. He showed me potatoes that weren't worth keeping, and he showed me the gems...those that would be fit for a king to eat, all the while mosquitos bouncing off my new armor that proved impenetrable (I'm growing in my learning to spell) to their carnivorous attacks.

I could practically hear the pings as they darted off my chest.

And I thought....

This just may be the beginning of something awesome.


Jess said...

So sweet!!! The family pictures, that is! Mosquito Man is sweet, too...and tough!!! Really tough!

Mary said...

So cute...I love getting pictures of kids with their is getting too far and few between for us. But there is something so special about that time they spend doing things like this with grandma & grandpa. Love it!

Marisa said...

Love this! So sweet to have times with Grandparents and for them to teach things to the younger generation! Would love that for my group of guys, too! Potatoes fascinate me. Would be really cool to dig them up!