Sunday, August 28, 2011

Three's NOT a Crowd (for a minute)

Like I said before, sometimes I get a bit anxious in my crib. And, thankfully, I have my peeps to help soothe me to sleep.

And when I get up? Well, for some reason, I am met with great enthusiasm, not from my peeps, but from my siblings.

The way they climb into my crib makes me think they may have a future in parquor. Well, maybe rock climbing because parquor would entail them jumping out of my crib which only Grant has started working on.

And don't ask me why they are sometimes the first to respond to my waking. Who knows what Mommy is doing (though I do have my theory). But, for a few minutes at least, they provide some comic relief as I wait for my celebrity.

Grant throws his blankey on me. It stinks. Thankfully Mommy realizes this too when he tries to give it to me for my naptime. Mommy may just have saved me and my crib from a bacterial crisis that only the CDC could eradicate.

Hannah often gets me to stand up on the crib. She still thinks it's a major achievment when that happens. I could SO do that on my own but I'll let her glory in the proud big sister moment. And occassionally we all think it pretty funny to have them scream point blank into my face. Don't ask me why I laugh, I just do.

We also find the mobile pretty funny, the yellow chick in particular.

So we share a few laughs as we patiently wait on Mommy. Wherever she may be.

My theory: She's sitting on the couch downstairs sipping a Coke and watching The Office.

I mean, what else would she need to do while I'm sleeping?


Jess said...

your family is just absolutely precious!!!!

The Noonan's said...

What great pics! I love to see your children enjoying one another - Lucy says "Can we get Lydia one of those beds so we can play with her in it?"

Anonymous said...

Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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