Thursday, August 04, 2011

Come On, Rain!

We dedicate this post to Mommy's favorite children's book, Come On, Rain! by the great author, Karen Hesse.

It's been a sizzlin' here in the South. Hot as blue blazes. Between Mommy, Grant, and Kate, we could ring out a wash cloth from all the perspiration. They're sweaters. Gross. I know. Thankfully I inherited Daddy's "not too sweaty" trait.

But what's more frustrating than the sweat is the fact we have to stay inside. It's just too hot. That is, until it rains.

A rainy day (still few and far between) means an outdoor day. So we say with our friends Jackie Joyce, Liz, and Rosemary...

"Come On, Rain!"

And we dance, splash, spin, squeal, romp, and run under the gray clouds that burst forth with rain, a reprieve from the hot summer sun.


LB said...

I love that last sentence.