Monday, August 08, 2011

Mommy's Moment: Joining the Ranks

5 years of motherhood and I've escaped it. I've counted myself lucky as I've heard horror story after horror story. Though, I knew one day I too would join the ranks.

Today was that day.

And I didn't expect my 10 month old to be the one to intiate me into the club.

But she did.

With at least five good dousings.

You see, she's been under the weather. A fever the past day and a half. But no other symptoms.

Until tonight.

Perhaps I jinxed myself when I told my mom today on the phone that my kids typically get fevers with no other side effects.

Perhaps the not so solid diaper after dinner should have been a warning I heeded better.

But I didn't.

And, in the middle of her last nursing she stopped, raised up, and let it A.L.L. out. It happened in slow motion. I sat. And she spewed. I didn't move. I didn't scream. I just sat. And watched while allowing myself to be saturated in it. And while I was silently horrified, I was also pleasantly surprised. My milk supply, always in question, appeared to be quite sufficient.

Back to reality, my only help came in the form of a 3 year old and a 4 year old who sat downstairs playing a competitive game of Mario Kart. John was away.

 Would they even unglue themselves to help me?

Well, apparently "she threw up all over me," was enough to peak their curiosity as they paused the game to come and see.

I could use a pause button.

And so they came to my aid, two paper towels in hand.

Two paper towels would not even wipe down one arm.

With Grant's new found sense of smell, he immediately said, "ooo I smell dat," and left the room immediately.

I don't blame him. I still "smell dat."

After Hannah's curiousity was quickly fed and she retrieved a BATH towel for me, she too left quickly.

Needless to say, the laundry is now running and a shower is calling my name after my two video game entusiasts are in the bed.

And to all those mothers who have walked this road before me, I'd like to say my hat (if I was wearing one) goes off to you. I've heard stories far worse than mine and I applaud you. And I hope you welcome me into your pukey ranks.


Mary said...

Oh WOW. WOW! Sounds like an exciting day!!!! I am thinking that you probably want to postpone the pool tomorrow!? Sorry you got soaked! Well, now you have another "experience" to add to the motherhood logbook. I am still laughing about "smelling dat" !! : )

LB said...

oh no, I was about to say the same as Mary--I am assuming we should reschedule the pool. Poor Kate. Poor you.

Jenny said...

Oooh we all love these stories because we've all been there! Mine is about Andrew, about 16 months old, spewing, on Mother's Day, crammed into our tiny bathroom because a tornado came through.
Luckily (and I will thoroughly jinx myself here) Emily has only thrown up on one occasion, about a year ago.
I hope the night is uneventful, Jess!!

Bethany said...

You are such a terrific writer! I was laughing out loud! Luke hasn't "thrown up" since he's been on solid food, but he did spit up on us quite often in the early days! It was often, "New clothes for everyone!" (said in an Oprah voice).

Marisa said...

I've never "joined these ranks", but Doug has. Garrett threw up A.L.L. over him when Ethan was just a new baby. He has such a weak stomach, I truly don't know how he coped with it! I had Ethan in the infant tub and couldn't help him at that moment, either! The joys of parenting!

The Noonan's said...

Hope yall are recovered and Kate is feeling better - hope to still see you tomorrow but if not I know where you'll be!!!

travelingstacey said...

Oh, yes. I was initiated a long time ago. My favorite time was when we were on a family vacation in Panama City. We were at a putt-putt place and Sophie was running a little fever. We were at the hole that's inside a cave and she throws up all over me and inside the hot cave (and I was about 3 mos. pregnant with baby #2 and still having nausea). The cave smelled terrible and I could hear people behind us going, "gross!". I made my husband go with me to the ladies bathroom (that didn't have AC) and try to clean up. I was wearing a dress and to avoid getting throw up all in the car, we stripped Sophie down to her diaper and I took my dress off in the parking lot...hoping no one would see...and we rode back to the condo. I did have a shirt on, but I was really hoping that the guard would not look in the car! lol Crazy!