Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Peeps

(in Mommy's laziness she decided to leave the picture sideways. Sorry.)

Sleeping these days is hard business. I feel a bit sorry for Mommy. I think I'm giving her a hard time. But, I think she should take it as a compliment. I mean, she has a fan. A die hard fan. A fan willing to forego sleep to be near the one she can't live without. Okay, I really can't live without her since she is part of the source of my nutrition, but I'm talking about a more emotional need that binds me to her.

But, there are days she must not feel the same. (tear) Because, well, she makes me cry. She leaves me in this bed. alone.

but not totally...

because I have these guys...

my peeps.

Tigs and Glow-worm. Okay, I know, exactly, it's a seahorse, but Mommy, in her nostalgic ways, insists on calling it a Glow Worm because that's what she had. I go with it.

And, yes, I enjoy my peeps. Especially when Mommy is in view while I'm hugging them. And yes, I still hug them when she leaves. In fact, I go to sleep usually with my arm tightly wound around Tigs' neck.

If I can't have Mommy, well, he's the next best thing...

and you too, of course, GLOW-WORM (however I am a bit peeved when I accidentally turn you on in the middle of the night and you sing your melodic tunes with your bright light...). Work on that and you may move up to number one peep.