Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm a little embarrassed. Or maybe it's Kate who should be.

She's the chunker.

She's the one who is only 10 months and fits into the same outfit I wore at 18 months.

Who's laughing now Kate?

Sure, I was scrawny. But you're a porker.

Okay, I know, you're only weighing in at the 9th percentile. But you're a Harman porker.

You'll be begging to wear my skinny jeans. But, if those thighs keep that extra cushion, sorry skinny jeans will be able to wrap around that.

But, in sisterly love, I'll have to admit, you do look pretty darn cute...chubs and all.

Sail on, sister, sail on.


Mary said...

great pictures of sweet little Kate!

Jess said...

so sweet! i can't believe that is hannah!!!!