Saturday, August 13, 2011

Racing Day

Well, two weeks ago it was racing day.

My first racing day.

Mommy signed up for a 5k. And while Grant and I weren't quite ready for a 5k, we were ready for a 50 yard dash. Okay, seriously, I was ready for a 400 yard dash, but it seems they thought it best if we only dash for 50 yards.

My only goal: to receive a gold medal.

And, as you see, I achieved that goal.

No, I didn't win. In fact, I think I came in second to last place in my age group. But, like I said, had they allowed me to race 400 yards, I think I could have won. I'm more of an endurance runner, not a sprinter. My fierce competitors were sprinters.

As for Grant, well, he started with a disadvantage. Apparently some lady thought little of his athletic prowess. When the lady hollered, "go!" she held Grant's hand and sped walked with him.

Thankfully, Mommy's enthusastic yells from the side gave Grant confidence that this lady was holding back his puma like speed. He broke free of her hand holding and took off. Unfortunately, his competitors (who were not held back) were close to crossing the finish line. Grant did manage to beat a girl. Grant also managed to snag a gold medal.

Kate is wearing it now.

As for Mommy, well, she did not receive a gold medal. And, if she gained anything,it was further confirmation that her body doesn't move like it used to.


Mary said...

So funny! Poor Grant, he was just to nice to break that poor lady's heart, but he could've cleaned up! : ) Cute post!