Monday, August 15, 2011

One Thousand Gifts: 146-155

146: my free small smoothie (McDonald's is right when they say, 1 in 3 wins)

147: children who like to snuggle

148: an almost fall-like day

149: my days spent home with my kids

150: my children who love to sit on my lap and listen to stories

151: Hannah asking, "Mommy will you please pray that I'll feel better?"

152: seeing Hannah excited about her new homeschool group

153: Grant apologizing without me asking him to.

154: scrounged up change to buy a Coke.

155: baby Kate back to good health


Mari said...

Followed here from Ann's...glad to read your list full of sweet moments (and yay for free smoothies!)

Mary said...

So glad Kate is feeling everyone good now? By the way, in case you missed them, there were coupons last weekend in the Parade magazine for free frozen lemonades/ smoothie thingies!

Jessica said...

i did see them, though I just pulled out have to buy a sandwich too. AND, we are slowly feeling better. Kate is great. Hannah has a nasty cold as do I. I promise, WE WILL get to the pool!!