Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun at the Park

Well, these pictures are from a couple of weeks back...we're a little behind...we know. But we couldn't leave them out. Ellie, Grant, and I went with our mommies to the park to enjoy some afternoon fun. Now that it's not so hot anymore it's back to the playground for fun in the sun! Grant enjoyed what little he could. Ellie tried to entertain him by giving him his rattles. Ellie really loves baby Grant. We think they'll get married one day. But that's alright by me because that would make Ellie my sister in law (Mommy has caught me up on all this family lingo)! Ellie also had two wuffle balls. I loved them. You can see one of them with me on the swing and then one in my hand for our best friends shot. I also liked playing with the wood chips. I placed them on this look through and pretended I was making something delicious. Boy I had fun. I'm sure we'll be posting more playground fun pictures as the cooler air makes its way in....for good.


Hello, my name is Grant. How may I help you?

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Things I Say...

This picture has nothing to do what I'm about to say but we like to post a picture whenever we can because well...there are a lot. Today I got Mommy chuckling pretty hard. I was sitting at my new table eating lunch. Mommy went to throw something away in the trashcan...to which I said:
"Good gurl Mommy throw away chash."
Now, she and Daddy encourage me when I throw trash into the trash can so I thought, why not return the encouragement? Boy, did Mommy laugh!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Check out THESE moves!

Well, I love to dance. Recently, Mommy has introduced me to the Jackson Five. Man are they awesome! They really know how to put the groove in your step. I just can't help but dance. So the other afternoon we had a dance party in my room. And yes, that's little Grant you see on the floor. He couldn't help but wiggle to the music too! We had a blast!

My Big Girl Room...Minus the Crib!!

So now that I'm officially two...I no longer sleep in a crib. That's right. Mommy disassembled my crib and assembled my bedrail (which proved to be quite a frustrating task for Mommy). So here is my room free of the crib. And my bedrail (thanks Grandmama) hides nicely away under my mattress when I'm not using it. Although lately Mommy hasn't been too good at the hiding away part. And...I've learned how to GET OUT of my bed. Mommy says I can't get out of my bed. We'll see how well I'll listen. I mean, there's so much freedom being two. A girl can't just sleep away the afternoons in her big girl bed. . .what I call my "girl bi be."

My Big Girl Pony Tail

Not only do I have a big girl room, with a big girl bed...but I also have a big girl pony tail with a big girl ribbon. Phew...that's a lot of growing up in just a short time! I think Mommy is a little sad to see me grow up.

Having a Tea Party...

Well, I got to make good use of a lot of my birthday presents last week. Here I am having a tea party with my new "goggy" from Aunt Ash on my new table from Mommy and Daddy with my new dishes from The Sandersons and Ellie. I think I pulled off my first party really well. Goggy seemed to think it was a big hit. I made sure she had plenty to drink and eat. She was so well behaved too. I told her she could sit on the table only if she had good manners. It's important to bring good manners to a tea party. And she most certainly did.

Friday, September 26, 2008

More Morning Fun...

Just a few more shots of me enjoying the cool morning air. I sure hope it stays like this!

Havin' Some Fun!

Last week we enjoyed the cool mornings. Mommy left the door open. I was a little confused at first, but then I thought that this was a great idea! I played on the patio and sat on the doorstep. Eventually "Jazum" and "Cuh-cuh (Tucker)" joined me too. Boy did I have fun. I'm liking this cooler weather in the morning!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today It's My Birthday...

Folks, I've officially been around two years now. You see, today is my birthday and I am two years old. Mommy says she can definitely tell I am two. She seems to think I'm a little bit more of a handful. But I don't know about that. I just know what I want these days and don't take no for an answer most of the time. One of my favorite words is "mise." For those who don't speak my language it's "mine." But Mommy and Daddy are teaching me alot and I've visited the time out spot accompanied by some spankings as well. So I'm trying to learn my limits. It's just hard. But Mommy and Daddy love me...they tell me so a lot. So that makes me so happy. We've had a great day today. Mommy and Daddy got me this great magnetic dress up doll. I've already ruined three of the shoes though. Mommy now understands why it says not for kids under 3. I like to put them in my mouth. Tonight we get to go to Chick-fil-a. I overheard Mommy say to Daddy that we could get some icecream. Oh boy! It's great being two!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Papa and the Boyz....

That could be a great title for a band huh? Papa and the Boyz... Well, that's what this shot is all about...the boys. Papa says he isn't used to having boys around. Of course Mommy, Ashley, and Melissa are all girls. Then came Allie. Then came Hannah. Kyle finally broke the girl cycle. Then I came along to help Kyle out. So now we can be a group. When Papa gets tired of playing dress up, dollies, or Dancerella (Allie likes that) then he can be rough and tough with us. We can play cars and trucks, kick stuff, burp, and poot. Yep, I think Papa will be happy. Just look how proud he is with us!

Takin' Another Step Back...

So I'm taking you back again to last Friday. The Sandersons and Grandma and Papa stopped by on their way to see Aunt Ashey in Statesboro. They brought us some Chick-fil-A. Mommy and I were happy about that. And Allie and I played a little before they had to hit the road. They were on a tight schedule because they had to make to Ashey's soccer game. So I showed Allie Gant's floor mat. She enjoyed it just as much as Gant and I do. We crawled through it like it was a tunnel. I wish I got to play with Allie and Kyle more often. They're a blast to have around!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My New Table

This is my birthday present from Mommy and Daddy. I just love it! I insist that we eat at it everyday. So for breakfast and lunch you will find Mommy dining with me at my table. It's a little small for her, but I enjoy the company. I got it a little early, my birthday is actually Thursday, so we could use it for my party last Saturday. But that morning I broke it in by eating my "cho's" on it. It worked very nicely. I had to have Mommy help me into the seat because it slid around a lot on the floor. But other than that, I have no complaints!

This Little Piggy...

Let's take it back a few days...well to the morning of my party. I got good practice in being a little piggy. My jammies were very fitting for these shots. Mommy had to make the cupcakes and she let me watch. I think I did more harm than good. Some of the piggies lost some ears and some icing due to my involvement. So, to keep me occupied Mommy gave me a cupcake. . .at 10:00 in the morning. And it did help me not get into the other cupcakes. I devoured that cupcake too. I mean, look at me. It's as if I had never eaten before. Folks, I do eat. I eat a lot. My physique may not testify to that but trust me, I'm an eater. Granted, I don't always look like this when I eat. I just was so thrilled that Mommy let me have a cupcake in the morning and I didn't want her to change her mind so I shoved it in as fast as I could before that could happen. Luckily all of the cupcake made it safely into my tummy. Boy was it good!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is How it Ended

Well, here we start from the ending. This is how the house looked when I went to bed. Turning two must be something special for me to get all of these toys. Who knew a Piggy Party meant presents and food? As you can see I racked up on some pretty neat toys and clothes! I played hard until it was time to go to bed. But read the next several posts to see how the party unfolded.

Mingling with Guests

Like I said earlier, I did a much better job mingling with the guests while Mommy opened my presents. I talked to Papa and Grandmama and Grant. He was just trying to take all of this craziness in! Then I went to Grandma and talked to her. I mingled with Daddy and Aunt Bethany for a minute and checked to see what Mac was getting into. Each time I came back from mingling Mommy was thrusting a new toy in my face! This birthday thing is something else!

Opening Gifts

I must say, I didn't quite get why I kept getting all of these toys. It was a bit overwhelming. Once Mommy opened a present (because I lost interest after about two minutes), I wanted to play with it right then and there. But she said no because there were more to open. Before I knew it, there were new toys everywhere. I just didn't know what to do. Mommy says I get that from her...she gets overwhelmed when there's a lot going on too. Phew! Who knew getting toys would be so tough? Thankfully Allie was there to step in and take over my unwrapping job. I mingled with the guests while Mommy and Allie worked on opening up all these amazing toys.

Sweet Hayden

This picture deserves its own post. My good pal Hayden brought me this stuffed piggie for my birthday. From the time she got out of her car until she went home she made sure I had my piggie. She is such a sweet friend to be so gracious to me! Hayden, if you're out there, I love my piggie and thank you so much for making sure I would take good care of him!

Other Party Fun

Here are a couple more pics from the party...there's Mac...at the boy table...and a great shot of my cousin Allie. While we waited for everyone to finish their cupcakes we played inside. Papa showed me how to use the blower and Sean threw Tigger to me...isn't that an awesome action shot of Tigger? He was mid air when Mommy took that shot..while the balloon was creeping in as well. And there I am holding on to my beloved piggie balloons! Boy was there a lot to entertain us while we waited to open the gifts.

Pigging Out!

So after we played outside, we high tailed it into the kitchen for my piggy cupcakes and a round of "Happy Birthday," a favorite song of mine. Mommy had two tables set up. . .a couple of friends came late so we didn't need as many seats. All the girls sat at my new table (a post to come on that later). My friends are Hayden, Ellie, and Allie. Then my other friends, Kyle and Mac (the boys of course) sat at the big table. It was a full house! Mommy had also made pig noses for all the kids. However, it ended up that only a couple of kiddos enjoyed them...I was not included in that group. I never did enjoy those things. But Mommy got a shot of Ellie trying to put her's on. Hayden is still enjoying hers to this day. Her mommy got a great shot of her wearing her nose on her blog...just click on the Ross family to see those great pics! As you can see, my favorite part of the cupcake was the icing and marshmallows. I left the cake for later but it seemed someone took it...well...actually Mommy threw it away. My next favorite thing was the juice box. Mommy doesn't buy juice boxes so that was a special treat! Sugar was pumping through my blood!