Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fourth of July Sunday

Fourth of July Sunday? some of you may inquire. What we mean by that is last Sunday was the Sunday before the Fourth and thus, the perfect time for Grant and me to wear our Fourth of July nice outfits..meaning...too nice to wear around the house to play in on the actual day. Both of our outfits were so graciously given to us on loan by our good friends the Means. As you can see, Grant is sporting a sleevless, red, white, and blue onesie adorned with three white buttons. Unfortunately, hours after this picture was taken he was wearing a red, white, blue, and poo poo yellow outfit due to a bad case of the poops. And I do mean BAD. As for me, I am sporting a blue and white checked dress, adorned with flag smocking across the chest. For a playful touch, the straps are tied in neat little bows. What can we say? We are PROUD to be Americans!