Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm Still Breathing

Many of you may see this picture and gasp. But, as the title states, I AM still breathing. You see, I LOVE to have my face smashed up against something while I sleep (don't worry, Mommy monitors me too). And while that doesn't always seem to happen, I do prefer it. So this position was heaven to me once I wiggled my body over there during nap time. you see what else I did? I managed to wedge my thumb in my mouth too. See, being smashed up against the side of something also helps me to keep my thumb in my mouth. The also is true for the pacifier. I'm happy in the stroller if Mommy puts me on my side and wedges me between two towels. Then she places the pacifier in my mouth and then smashes (well, smash is a harsh word so we'll say places), she places my face against one of the towels. And I sleep like a baby...well, I guess I AM a baby but you get the picture. We'll have to document that look too.