Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our First Sleepover!

Mommy let me take a nap with Grant the other day. I enjoyed it very well. Except for the part where I tried to crawl out (that would have been a hard fall). And when I almost rolled over on Grant. It's a good thing Mommy saw me when she did. I could have hurt me and Grant. But once we got to sleep we had a nice rest. That's when she took this picture. I think Grant was sucking his thumb too. I could hear it while I was trying to fall asleep. I kept laughing and saying, "Gant." Okay, you can close your mouths now and hang the phone back up. No need to call DFACS. This picture was staged. Mommy and I wanted to have a little fun for a minute. But didn't I do a good job of pretending I was asleep? And isn't it funny Grant and I have the same sleeping position? Well, even though I wasn't actually asleep. Mommy will post some more shots of our crib time together. But she wanted this shot to linger for a itself!


Jeremy, Trista, Hayden, & Layne said...

Oh I fell for it! I was thinking-Jessica must have stayed in the room the entire time they were napping together. You got me!