Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Girl and Her Boots

While Grandma was here...she took me and Grant shopping. She got me these incredible boots. Now, I wasn't a big fan at first. Mommy just laughed at me as I struggled to walk in them. So I immediately demanded them to come off. But Mommy was persistent in getting me to wear them. She said they were my "mail boots." See, I love the mailman and I love to go and get the mail with Mommy. So when she said these were my special boots to go get the mail in, I liked the idea. Once we got outside I didn't want to take them off. Mommy took a TON of pictures of me outside with them on. Here are a few of those. Mommy still makes fun of me when I wear them. Especially when I can't get up off the floor with them on. I look like a fish out of water flopping around when I am trying to stand up in them. I can't do it unless I have something to hold onto. Mommy is so busy laughing that she isn't much help in getting me up. What an immature Mommy!!


Erin said...

Look at her cute tummy! I love toddler tummies!