Friday, July 11, 2008

I Found It!

Mommy says it was at about this same age that Hannah found her thumb. The first picture is Hannah's first thumb sucking shot. Well, I think I too can officially be called a thumb sucker. The past few days Mommy has found me sucking my thumb in my crib. Hannah said Mommy jumped up and down and waved her arms in the air one day after coming down from checking on me. I guess she was so happy I found my thumb. Hannah said she didn't think Mommy did that when she started sucking her thumb. I told her it was probably because she didn't realize at the time what a huge help it was. You see, if I can find my thumb, then it calms me down and I can get to sleep easier. I even stay asleep longer. Mommy has had to wake me up a few times. I was so soothed by the thumb I didn't realized it had been awhile since I last ate! Oh and pardon the hair here, people. Remember, I spit up a lot and it just so happened I had gotten it in my hair that day. Therefore, I am sporting the dried spit up look. Mommy says she'll be REALLY happy if I can find my thumb while in the carseat. Life would really be easier then!