Monday, July 07, 2008

Still Waiting...

Well, Ellie and I were getting a little antsy for the fireworks to begin so our daddies took us to walk around. Boy was there a lot to see! They had all sort of fun things to do. We got to pet some animals like a sheep and a pony. While we were out and about Mr. Josef got us a glow in the dark bracelet. We're playing with them here...although you can't really tell. Not too long after we got back, the fireworks began. I LOVED them! I kept saying, "yeah," "oh wow," "prepee (pretty)," "oh gosh," while clapping my hands. It was just wonderful! And I had no clue it was 10:00! I wasn't tired at all. I talked about the fireworks all the way home. Mommy and Daddy thought for sure I would have fallen asleep. But how can you fall asleep after an experience like that? When will it be the Fourth again?